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Add Swap in CentOS

Today when I tried to compile an opensource software in my DigitalOcean VPS, I encountered a weird problem: every time when I make it, the command ends with error message Killed. However, I didn’t press CTRL+C all the time. Then I keyed in command top and I saw gcc used up my memory! So I decided to add a swap file to enlarge my memory...>>Read More

Use PDO to Avoid SQL Injection

Ten years ago, people talked about SQL Injection. Today, people still talked about this. The difference is, SQL Injection used to be very easy. For some old website, you might simply input...>>Read More

Web Server Security

The security configuration of a web server is very important especially when some confidential data is stored in its database. However, I didn’t do anything to ensure the safety of my server after I installed operating system into it. So I decide to make up this today...>>Read More

Start blogging!

I used to think there’s no need for me to write a technical blog. Because everything I need can be found in Internet. However, as time passes by, I found out that techniques/knowledge I use today are supposed to be used in the future (maybe just tomorrow). In this case, I have to search the Internet again since it’s hard for me to remember everything...>>Read More