Install dwm – dynamic window manager with Chinese environment

Dwm is a simple wondow manager. Since I only need terminal and browser in most cases. Dwm would be a better choice for me than Gnome.

The first step is installing drivers and Xorg. Before that, make sure multilib in /etc/pacman.conf is uncommneted.

Since I want the dwm version supporting Chinese, I install dwm-pango from yaourt. Or the Chinese character might display incorrectly on the status bar. Some fonts are also needed to display Chinese character correctly. I like the default setting by dwm so I didn’t change config.h. Remember to recompile if you change config.h

Then install some apps such as xterm and fcitx (Chinese Input Method)

Now write config files.
First, we write .xinitrc (feh -> set background to .bg.jpg, fluxgui -> automatically change monitor color tempreture)

Then we write .Xresources to configure Uxterm

Write .bash_profile to start dwm automatically after login:

Then, startx and use dmenu to call fcitx-configtool. You can configure fcitx here.

The DWM shall be ready. A full list of hot keys:

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