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How to thoroughly erase a computer

Erasing a computer or a hard disk is essential sometimes such as selling your used computer or safely throwing your old hard drives...>>Read More

Install dwm - dynamic window manager with Chinese environment

DWM is a simple wondow manager. Since I only need terminal and browser in most cases. Dwm would be a better choice for me than Gnome...>>Read More

Install Arch Linux on Thinkpad T440 with Windows 10

I usually use BIOS for installing Linux system. However, on this T440, a Windows is already installed in UEFI boot mode and I want to keep it. Thus, I decided to try installing Arch on UEFI mode. And actually, it turned out to be easier to use UEFI boot mode...>>Read More

Apply a Free SSL Certificate and Make it Work

I Just found that my SSL certificate for this domain expires soon, so I applied a new one from StartSSL today. Currently, StartSSL is the only website offering free SSL certificates which are trusted by most web browsers. It’s not a good idea to sign a self-signed certificate because web browsers will tell your visitors the website they try to visit is dangerous (like the following graph), which is extremely unfriendly...>>Read More

Recover Deleted File in Linux

I still clearly remembered once I mistyped mv as rm and I deleted my assignment which takes me an entire weekend to write. That time, I wanted to execute the command: mv xxx.c src/xxx.c (I wanted to put all source code in src folder) but what I really typed in the terminal was: rm xxx.c src/xxx.c. Right after I pressed the enter key, I realized that was a disaster. But it was already too late (though src/xxx.c doesn’t exist, xxx.c will be deleted anyway if that command executes). Fortunately, I recovered it finally but it took much more time than that of recovering a file in Microsoft Windows...>>Read More